Zestin’ Up My Garden!


So last week I decided it was time for me to revamp my little backyard garden. Spring has arrived and I am anticipating those warm summer night BBQ’s! When I first moved into this place two years ago I had dreams of what this little back area would be…a small space but man, so much potential! I got straight to work planting lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and even some rosemary. Well, about the same time I found my green thumb, I also found the love of my life…Novalie J 50% golden retriever, 50% blue-tick hound, 95% trouble and 100% adorable!


This little treasure has stolen my heart (along with any hopes I had of making the ultimate homemade salad). It only took a whopping two days for my beautiful vegetable garden to look more like a compost area…I’d like to think that Novi and I are both just passionate vegetarians J but im pretty sure she was more interested in digging holes than eating clean greens. Well, Novalie is two now and her digging stage is behind us so I figure I am out of excuses!

It was time to get this little garden going. This time I decided to go with flowers. Most vegetables need at least six hours of sunlight (my second lesson as an amateur gardener after no puppies) and this little area in the back gets about four. So, last Friday I headed over to Home Depot for the Spring Sale and picked up some goodies!! Four samples of outdoor paint (cheap and gives you just the right amount!), climbing rose, sweet broom, carolina jasmine, silverbrush and some extra soil to top it off!


Projects like this are so much more fun with good company! So I lured friends in with a yummy family style breakfast and some mimosas for a beautiful Saturday J We put on some music, soaked up some sun and shared some laughs all while beautifying my backyard (not too shabby!).



A little sweeping, trimming, painting, digging, and planting later…the finished product! Awww a successful Saturday!


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