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There are times that you need to fill your own cup, you know what I mean?  Sam and I love using our gifts and passions to make incredible things happen for our clients and those we love!  No doubt!!!  But, we are so stoked on having a moment carved out where we get to dream and scheme for what is to come.  We are awfully good with making things happen and pulling things off, but we have learned that centering a bit and being quiet in activity enables us to bring our A-game.

This past weekend we found some time to play with Lara Casey’s Power Sheets.  It was kind of awesome!  We dug deep in looking at our successes and shortcomings last year, and finding our own inspiration for being “us.”  Here is a peak at what makes us tick.  What would your board look like?


Chanda & Sam


I | II | III | IV | V | VI |VII VIII

love what we do!

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