Yogurt Stuffed Papaya boats for Breakfast

Savoring Saturday

Who is attempting to eat healthier with the start of the new year? (my hand is raised) Who never really eats breakfast even though it’s the most important meal of the day?! (yep me too!) Who loves easy but oh so rewarding recipes? (yep three for three) So with that I am SO excited about this new breakfast recipe. In fact I would even eat it for dessert or an afternoon snack- it’s soo good! Not only are these papaya boats colorful and easy to make, but they would make for a great breakfast when hosting. Family and guests can build their own boat but feel so gourmet!




And then the list is endless!

(raspberries, blueberries, granola, chia seeds, honey, almonds, coconut, kiwis, banana chips, cranberries, etc.)

papaya boat_0000

Start by cutting your papaya in half…love those black beads!

papaya boat_0001

Scoop out the innards….

papaya boat_0002

Now it’s time to prep all your fruit and toppings, chop…chop…chop…

papaya boat_0003

I decided to sauté my almonds a bit- yum!

papaya boat_0004

I also toasted some coconut- my weakness!

papaya boat_0005

Fill your boat with yogurt….

papaya boat_0006

Time to have some fun with all your toppings!

papaya boat_0007papaya boat_0008papaya boat_0009

Now doesn’t that look tasty?? Heavenly!

papaya boat_0010

Time to dig into a healthy a hearty breakfast!



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