Yarn Wrapped Lucky Horseshoe DIY

When you throw events every weekend and go from country to bohemian to modern it is easy to get inspired and sometimes even blur the design lines, in a good way. Haha. Today we are going to make some some rustic country horseshoes a little more boho fabulous by adding color and texture with yarn. I LOVE how easy this project is- it would make for the perfect gift or favor. You can even do this one with the kiddos 🙂




Leather or string for hanging


horseshoe yarn hanging_0000

Simply choose your color scheme and get to wrapping. When you have a loose end just wrap the yarn around the end to secure and then do the same to your next color.

horseshoe yarn hanging_0001

You can wrap the whole horseshoe or leave a little peek-a-boo-ing out for some of that rustic glam. Next tie on the string you want to hang the horseshoe with.

horseshoe yarn hanging_0002

You can even add some fun tassels- loveeeee it!

horseshoe yarn hanging_0003

Time to decorate…

horseshoe yarn hanging_0004

Cheers to the lucky horseshoe!!



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