World’s Famous Fish Tacos @ Spencer Makenzie’s


I am pretty transparent when it comes to our blog.  I have repeatedly admitted to, maybe even flaunted, my fetishes that make up quirky little old me.  Just reading a bit on our About page will out-me enough, I’m sure.

I would not even feign to call myself OCD by any stretch of the imagination.  But, when I like something, I REALLY like it!  Case in point, my going to a Zumba class this morning and then capping my day with yet another Zumba class this evening.  I adore dancing and getting my sweat on!

The same rings true for this delightful little fish taco joint: Spencer Makenzie’s.  The food is killer!!  Just this weekend I did dinner there with friends and the fam-bam twice.  The food is so incredibly fresh and jam-packed with flavor.  Normally, I always crave sushi, but Spencer Makenzie’s has satisfied my fish cravings with zeal!


Actually, Spencer Makenzie’s is rather new to the SLO dining scene.  I loved reading their entire story on their website, but any restaurant that starts as a food trailer developing a faithful following at fairgrounds and community events has my respect.  The proof is in the pudding as it will.  They kept it simple, developed their recipes and let the food speak for itself.  Having only begun this journey in 2007, they now boast a brick and mortar restaurant in both Ventura and San Luis Obispo….as well as being awarded the BEST fish tacos in Ventura County for the passed 6 years and running!!

Walking in you will find a clean and bright interior with tables decorated with some of the best sauces around!  Get ready for some heat and some MAJOR flavor.  I am seriously addicted to their Sweet Chili Fire and their Caribbean Blaze.  Nom nom!


First up: Sam and I ordered their new special, The Ahicado.  I mean, how much more Californian can you get?  Avocado with lemon infused olive oil and some of the freshest sushi grade Ahi around.  An A+ appetizer in my book!


Next up, we ordered, guess what?  Tacos of course!  I ordered mine with corn tortillas and Brooklyn style (aka loaded with their white sauce and Sweet Chili sauce combined…yummerz).  By the way, their corn tortillas are killer…dense and chewy.  This gluten free girl was very happy.


You should know that one taco makes a meal here.  They are big and loaded for sure!  However, we like to try a variety just because we love flavors.  Introducing:

Ahi Pocket

A mildly sweet tofu pocket stuffed with sushi rice, topped with “Dynamite” sauce & Blackened Ahi Tuna


Parmesan Hard Shell Tacos

Your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken or carne asada topped with cheese, lettuce & bell peppers. Carne asada comes with onion and cilantro.


You have GOT to try this grub!  You will thank me for the recommendation.  Trust me.



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  1. Hi Chanda my name is Jenny Karayan the owner & mother of Spencer Makenzie(‘s in SLO & Ventura) & also mother of Brooklyn & Parker (who came later after we named the restaurant so we had to include them in the menu) 🙂 I just wanted to thanks you so much for the great review!!! My husband, John & I have worked so hard to make our customers happy & we love hearing stories & reviews like yours!!! Thanks again & I hope we hooked you on being one of our life long customers!!! Oh by the way I love your blog!!!! We have a lot in common!!!

    1. Post

      Hi Jenny! Delayed response, but we are very big fans of what you guys are doing! Thanks for being in pursuit of excellence! It shows and our tastebud are happy 😉

      Thanks for the compliment on our blog! Super excited to “meet” a fellow DIYer and foodie, alwayssss!

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