Woodstone Marketplace in Avila


Have you ever happened upon Woodstone Marketplace before?  Situated along a lovely bike trail and creek, Woodstone is not short on charm.  On a perfect day, we park at the trail parking lot and take the meandering walk along the creek and finish with a lazy lunch and glass of vino.  Perfect day!


However, when time does not allow for the charming walk, it is still worth it’s weight in gold to park in front and stroll right on in!  The ambiance and the food are simply lovely.


Their menu is fresh and yummy.  The best is that I can get a gorgeous gluten free focaccia bread with any sandwich selection!  Nom nom.


We decided to pop some bubbly while sitting under the trees and enjoying some fresh sandwiches.  A turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich and an egg salad sandwich were just the ticket!


Nom nom.

Best little lunch out for sure!  Just love the ambiance!!!



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