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Happy Friday, Zesters!


It’s finally the weekend, which means it’s time for a little home improvement project. Let’s start with the kitchen, shall we? Well, before we jump into it let me give you a wee background info on where I got my inspiration…

So my Grandpa is a materials artist, to say the least. From plastics, to wood, to jewelry he does just about everything. If he doesn’t do it, give him 10 minutes and he will be an expert. His shop is full of tools and supplies, which as I grow older, have come to appreciate. Starting small, I’m working toward broadening my “tool” skills with my Grandpa’s help. Pretty cool, huh? Join me in my first project: a simple cutting board zested with a little wood burning!


Get out your wooden cutting board. Make sure it doesn’t have any weird coatings or finishes on it or the wood burner may not work properly. Although, if your cutting board has weird finishes on it, you may have bigger problems…


IMG_1492 copy


Of course, you need a wood burner. I have this awesomely ancient one from my Grandpa, but you can pick one up at most any craft store. Before you start a-burnin’ you’ll probably want to write/draw out what you want to burn. Since I am vegetarian, I decided to dedicate my board as a strictly “fruit and veggie” board. No meats allowed on this baby!


IMG_1494 copy


Now start your burning! I did a few fancy edges and played around with the wood burner trying new techniques. You can’t go wrong!


IMG_1498 copy




Well, don’t you want to see how it turned out?!












There you have it! A simply darling way to make your kitchen come alive. Who ever said chopping apples had to be boring?



Keep your flame burnin’



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