Wood Burned Air Plant Holder

Hey guys, Laurel here! I have a love/hate relationship with plants.… I LOVE them, but they HATE me! I have a tough time keeping plants alive, even “un-killable” ones like succulents. And even though they continue to die on me, I still buy new ones because I absolutely love the “homey” element that plants bring to any space. I decided to give air plants a try, since I’d heard that they are notoriously harder to kill than most plants. (I still managed to kill two…like, that’s the severity of my black thumb). The greatest part about air plants, in my opinion, is that they don’t need to be “planted.” There are sooooo many ways you can get creative with how you display them!! I tossed around a few ideas that didn’t quite work for me, until I unearthed a bunch of scraps of wood in my craft room and decided to get zesty.


Scraps of wood

Wood Screws



Chop Saw

Copper Beading Wire

Propane Torch (If you’re going to be wood burning)

Wood Stain (If you’re going to be staining)


wood burned air plant holder_0000

To get started, I decided what shape I was going for and chose a few scraps that made that shape. I already had a few slanted blocks, so I went for a simple arrow shape. (If your wood scraps are legitimate unusable scraps, you can always cut down a 1” X 2” in to the shape you want.)

wood burned air plant holder_0001

Next, take your wood pieces and assemble your shape. I clamped my two pieces together to keep them stable, then used a screw, which I inserted at the tip of my arrow and drilled in at an angle. This result isn’t always the “prettiest,” so if you have the patience to wait for wood glue to dry (which I sure don’t), that’s also an option.wood burned air plant holder_0002

wood burned air plant holder_0003

To create the mount for your copper wire, simply drill a screw in to the “top” of your shape. I noticed that my arrow kept wanting to tip forward, so I installed the mount toward the back to keep it balanced. When I inserted my screw, I left about a 1/4 inch of space; just enough to wrap wire around, but with enough give to tighten it later.

wood burned air plant holder_0004

I chose to wood burn my air plant holder because I LOVE the way wood grain looks when it’s been burned. You could also stain your plant holder, or get creative and do your own thing!

wood burned air plant holder_0005

Next, take your copper beading wire (which I found at Michael’s) and wrap it around the screw mount. Bend it in to a shape you’re happy with. I went with a simple coil, because beading wire can get really “lumpy” if you do too much reshaping. Then, tighten your screw mount to make sure there’s no wiggle room.

wood burned air plant holder_0007

Then, give your air plant holder a coat of sealant and add your favorite air plant. I use Minwax Paste Finishing Wax, which you can find at any hardware store, because I prefer a more natural, matte finish.  

wood burned air plant holder_0009

wood burned air plant holder_0010

And that’s it, you’re DONE! It’s even easier than keeping plants alive (trust me).



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