Wine Bottle Christmas Present

Living on the Central Coast has many perks, one being that we have some amazing wineries! Watch out Napa- with over 350 wineries in Paso Robles alone we have been paving a new road filled with delicious reds and whites all unique to this area. As we enter the holiday season and have to think up creative gifts, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and in this case let the presentation be creative. When I had my first Christmas with my hubby (ten years ago- crazy!) we went Christmas gift shopping together and I quickly learned his “go to” gift – a blanket. At first I scratched my head a bit, thinking this was so impersonal, but after listening to his explanation of how they are practical year round, offers warmth and happiness and people always think of you when you use them- I bought into it. What can I say, my man loves cuddling up in a fuzzy warm blanket, and who wouldn’t love doing that with a glass of vino in hand? Combine the two and here I have some local wine and a festive blanket all ready to be zested for the perfect wine lover Christmas gift.

2 bottles of wine (or any alcohol would work)
Twine or ribbon
Ornament or card (optional)

blanket, twine, wine and ornament

Start by having a large working surface to lay your blanket out on.

start with blanket open

Take your two wine bottles and lay them in opposing directions with the neck of the bottle facing outwards. Place them in the center of your blanket and start at the side nearest you to begin rolling up your bottles tightly.

place bottles necks outwardroll bottles tightly
keep rolling bottles up bring bottles upright

Once all rolled up bring both bottles upward to be standing upright, you should have some excess blanket hanging now as well.

stand blanket and bottles upright

Depending on how much excess blanket you have, you may need to fold these downward, almost creating little “bunny ears” for your bottles.

fold excess blanket fold excess blanket

Grab some twine or ribbon and secure your folded blanket so that all is nice and tight. I love the look of the fringe hanging down over the bottles, festive and fun!

tie the top secure with twine

After you have tied your twine or ribbon nice and tight, add a note or ornament for extra flair and your gift is all ready! The perfect little date night all bundled up, wine and a cozy blanket- just need a fire an Christmas music on now!

wine bottle christmas present

Merry Christmas Friends!

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