What’s Up Wednesday: Friendsgiving Pop Up Dinner!

What’s Up Wednesday

What’s good my people!? This is Arielle, the Zesty assistant, taking complete advantage of having a little blog space on Zest. Sam and Chanda are way too humble to let everyone know how much they actually take on. Zesty life is ludicrous, creative, hard work and rewarding. Currently while you are reading this we are in the stunning Big Sur for Samantha’s brother’s wedding. Sam hosts a million and five guests while hoarding animals of all creation. ( Just kidding she just has 3 dogs, whom I love.) Any who, all that to say that Sam and Chanda are rockstars (Chanda with 3 children) and know how to professionally juggle life. Big shout out to the craziest, most wild but best bosses I could ever ask for. ūüėČ Mush mush, sap sap..


I’m here to let you all in on a BIG SECRET!! We have a POP UP dinner coming soon to the Central Coast! What is a Pop Up you ask? It’s an intimate gathering with the chef for a unique culinary experience. The element of mystery lies in the fact that the location is unknown until the day of the event! We are excited to bring POP UPs to San Luis Obispo County¬†with our very own Zesty twist! We will be providing the guests with a scrumptious meal to satisfy bellies, Shawn Clark Family Band will be supplying the musical talent for ambiance and Family Care Network will receive all the proceeds to put your investment to good use. ¬†Zest It Up will be hosting 4 Pop Up dinners a year for Family Care Network. The very first Zesty Pop Up will be a Friendsgiving dinner on November 19th, the Saturday before Thanksgiving! Rush over to the zestitup.com¬†to buy your tickets before they sell out!!


Family Care Network is an incredible non profit that Zest It Up proudly stands by. FCN is an organization committed to providing services and support to children and families within our community in hopes to foster stable and self-sufficient families. For nearly 3 decades, they have made a difference in San Luis Obispo County with the help of volunteers, families, and organizations. They provide assistance, care, and guidance to high-needs children, youth and families on the Central Coast. They also give youth in our area a chance to reach their potential through mentor opportunities. We could brag about Family Care Network and the amazing things they do all day! To learn more about FCN, click here!


This past Saturday we eagerly announced our live entertainment for our Friendsgiving Pop Up dinner! SHAWN CLARK FAMILY BAND!!! We seriously can’t wait to have their rad music and undeniable talent showcased at our very first zesty pop up! Their passion for country-folk is beautifully recreated in their music. It’s such an honor to host a local band that’s fromf San Luis Obispo.¬†I hope you love them as much as we do! Listen to their music on their website by clicking here. I promise you won’t regret it!


The community support Zest has received in this new adventure is breathtaking! Companies have donated wine, rentals, cider, and even the venue to ensure that children and families get the help they deserve! We are truly in awe of the generosity throughout San Luis Obispo County. I really hope to see each of you at our Friendsgiving Pop Up dinner on November 19th! Not only are you getting a mouth watering meal with live music, but you are also supporting a great cause! First 15 tickets are $15 off so hurry on over to zestitup.com to snag this deal!!

You guys are the best!!



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