What’s Up Wednesday: DIY Wax Leaves

What’s up you ask?? Well Chanda and I felt like little elves today as we baked 10 pies and 2 cheesecakes!! Phew, lets just say we did our best to enjoy the process by sipping eggnog and bumping our jams. Some of the pies are for an upcoming event, but we must admit we couldn’t help but make two key lime pies for our very own Thanksgiving spread tomorrow 🙂 Amongst the craziness of baking we managed to also do some crafting. We LOVE the look of cheese platter when they have some pop’s of color with grape leaves- only tricky part, grape leaves are not always in season. Especially in December when we want throw a smashing Holiday party for zest. So with this in mind I went on a mission to collect some grape leaves while on a run yesterday (thank you good neighbors that I stole grape leaves from!!). Now to save them and their gorgeous color! We suggest doing this with some autumn leaves for your thanksgiving spread tomorrow! Tools:

  • Paraffin Wax candles
  • Pot to melt candles in
  • Leaves
  • Wax or Parchment paper

First collect your leaves- gotta love the ruby red we have here for Christmas 🙂 PB271377 Next melt down your candles until all liquid. PB271378 Time to dip your leaves, if they have a stem you can easily dunk them. You want to fully submerge the leaf in the wax. PB271381 Of course we were multitasking and our wax got pretty hot! It really doesn’t take much to melt these suckers down. PB271382 Then lay your leaves down on the parchment to cool. We suggest laying them down with the face upright because they are easier to pick up with stem and have them not tear. (not like the pic- sorry! don’t learn the hard way like us!) PB271383 Perfection!! We loved the finished product and are so excited how easy this project was. Be sure to store your leaves in a cooler place. Now off to finish brining the turkey, gobble gobble! ~Sam

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