Welcome Home Baby Greyson!

Holy Batman!!!!  I have now been in LA for a week!!!  I came down for my sissy’s due date, since I was three hours away and I didn’t want to get a call at 1am that it was time to meet at the hospital.  So, in an effort to not get a speeding ticket, I came down a bit early to keep her company as she anticipated labor.  Oh ya, did I mention that my baby sister was pregnant?  Ha!  I am a bit batty after this week’s events!

Back in January, I threw her a baby shower to celebrate her first pregnancy.  It was a just little rainforest themed party that was chill, while brimming with friends and family.  The cousins were all super excited that little baby Greyson was going to be joining them in February.


While I was down for the shower, I helped my sissy and bro-in-law by penciling in a mural for the nursery.  Corey wanted to keep things simple.   The idea was to create a rainforest nursery without going overboard.  My sis LOVES simple.  Simple, clean lines are her jam!


Andrew did an awesome job cracking away at that mural as he waited for his first born son to make a grand entrance.

Since I was three hours away, it was pretty cool to get selfies every month from my sister…yes, we made multiple visits, but this gave me a chance to really see that tum-tum grow!!


I won’t bore you with all the details, but we played a serious waiting game for Greyson to make his arrival.  “T-Pain” Andrew was pretty darn excited when we finally made it to the hospital. However, almost 30 hours of induced labor had us all lost in space!  Corey was such a champ, but thank God for epidurals!  Right?Welcome_home_baby_Greyson_0036

The hard work and multiple moments of finding your heart beat out of your chest paid off!  He finally joined us!!!  Introducing my Leapling nephew, Greyson Eric.

Welcome_home_baby_Greyson_00389lbs 4oz of lovely!  What a chubs!  Can’t believe that he will be only 4 years only when his classmates are 16!  Hahaha so hilarious!  Gotta love a Leap Year birthday!Welcome_home_baby_Greyson_0039

I took every spare minute before labor to finish up leaves for the mural, so daddy could spend time doing other prep stuff.  Thankfully, I finished just in time for his arrival!


I am so in love with being Auntie Chanda!!  And I am so incredibly blessed that I got a chance to be a support for my beautiful sister.  House is clean, food is in the fridge and I am ready to help change some diapers before I head back home to my three monkeys!

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