apples sitting in a woven basket

Webbing Basket

Nope, that is not a dyslexic typo.  I meant to title this project “Webbing Basket”, because that is exactly what it is.  A bit of back story here: I think I told you already that I’m visiting my parent’s house for a week.  Well, the truth is that I am watching the house and keeping my dad company while my mom gets to gallivant around Paris with her mom and sis.

Ok, maybe that came off snide…truly not the intention.  I may be pining for my day in the Spring sun of Paris, but I am totally jazzed that the three of them get to have this amazing experience together.  You see, back in the 60’s they had the awesome privilege of living there together, so now they get to visit old haunts and find new ones like they did decades ago.  However, I can’t help but imagine that this go around is even sweeter (Grandma doesn’t have to deal with any teenage angst…I can only imagine my mom and her sister in the 60’s!).  There is something so poetic about this trip for them, that I just couldn’t even be compelled to be snide.  Not when something is so beautiful.

Ahhh, beauty, nice segue into my project.  I was literally stuck rummaging through cabinets and drawers for what seemed like an eternity.  I wanted to make a really cool project for y’all, but I was at my mom’s house (translation: no supplies, mom isn’t bitten by the craft bug).  I couldn’t even turn up with a bottle of glue!  I couldn’t find anything…so I really had to get creative!  I think I scored when I found this stuff in the garage:

supplies to make a webbing basket: scissors, burlap fabric, and a cigar boxOk, she isn’t that anti-craft.  The scissors were in the house in the drawer.  However, this webbing for upholstering old chairs was a real find.  I love the “graphics” of the black checks running down the edges.

a piece of fabric held up to a box and being cut to that length I decided to use the cigar box just as a form…it turned out to not be super necessary.

three pieces of fabric laying next to each other I started trying out what size I would make my basket as soon as I realized that the cigar box wasn’t needed.  I started out with a 3X3 design.four pieces of fabric and one is woven under and above them Weaving was a super cinch endeavor since the webbing was so smooth and wide.

fabric woven together

In the end, I decided to make my basket just two strips wide and long….not because the design was easier or more enlightened.  I realized quickly that I had made a boo-boo in trying to use the cigar box as a form since it wasn’t square.  The result, I cut my webbing too short to work for a 3X3 design.  So, a 2X2 design it became! Now that my base was set, I started to weave around the edges by lifting my “tails” up and using a long piece to weave in and out of them….then pinning to keep things from getting too crazy.

fabric woven together and loosely in a basket shapeWith the form taking shape, it was time to trim the tails down to size (something that wouldn’t have been necessary if my plan on size hadn’t altered).

pieces of fabric pinned into the shape of a basket Time to bust out some tools to make this more secure and give it more form.  Another trip to the garage helped me to turn up some perfect twine.

a thick needle next to burlap thread Can you believe that I turned up a craft needle??  I couldn’t believe it!  It made this project possible….without any frustrated shrieks. Time to cut a long piece, tie a knot in one end, and start to whip stitch. I began at one corner, inserting the needles in between layers, so that my knot would be hidden by being sandwiched between the webbing when I did the next stitch.

a needle and thread going through the top of the fabric basket and starting a whip stitch along the top Perfection!  Now, I just needed to keep whip stitching all the way around!  Inserting needle, pulling through, going up and over and inserting needle again…repeat, repeat, repeat. (Just make sure that you get through all the layers).

a fabric basket with whip stick all along the top and the corners are held together with pinsLooking cleaner, but in no way finished.  Time to reinforce the corners.

a needle and thread sticking into a piece of fabric I chose to whip stitch the four corners and the bottom edges.

a needle threading through a piece of fabric

It turned out very secure and I think a real gem!

apples sitting in a woven basket

I’d say a project well done!  And I can’t believe that I turned this out at my mom’s house….a hilarious moment for me!  Thanks for checking in on what we are Zesting on the fly 🙂



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