Watermelon Mint Mojito

Seasonal Sunday

I hope you are all in full summer mode!! I know I am definitely enjoying these warmer nights and getting a bit of a tan while running around town. I also love me some summer fruit!! Bring on the watermelon, yum!! Today we are zesting up what would be an average mojito to a watermelon mint, oh so yummy (and simple). If you are the hostess with the mostest that probably means you are making a large batch of this concoction. Here is how to whip up a pitcher quickly and look oh so gourmet for you guests. We happen to have some mint simple syrup we made for a recent wedding, but you can always use agave or regular simple syrup to sweeten up your drink if you like. Let’s get mixin’

Ingredients: (for pitcher)

1/4 watermelon

10 limes (juiced)

8-10 mint leaves (plus more to garnish)

6 ounces rum

Simple syrup or agave



¬†First muddle your mint just a bit….


Next throw all your ingredient expect for your mint in the blender for a quick pulse…


Garnish with mint….


Time to sip away this summer….




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