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Sam here, I am SO excited to share today’s post with you! We recently had a bride come to us to design her wedding. Not necessarily coordinate or cater it (she was bummed to have found us after already booking with other vendors), but our motto is we can always “zest a wedding” no matter the planning stage, and in this case we get to flex our design muscles. We are super excited to dream up a design board based on her style and venue- but with that we needed to see her venue. Hence today’s post, a walk thru at the gorgeous Tiber Canyon Ranch. We have had many inquiries over the past few years about this venue, but we have always been booked on those dates or things just didn’t pan out. Which really built up this venue, for me at least! Thankfully it delivered, boy did it deliver. Get ready for some great eye candy. One of the owners, Chris, was so sweet to give us a full tour of the property. We were so honored to see a glimpse into their lives and story, from making olive oil and blowing glass to becoming a full wedding and event venue It’s really less of a walk thru and more of an adventure, ready to check it out??

tiber canyon ranch_0000tiber canyon ranch_0001tiber canyon ranch_0002tiber canyon ranch_0003

Next we set out to view the Groom’s cabin, aka the “man cave.” I want to say “it was so cute!” but that would be a girly thing to say, so instead I will say it was very manly and cool. The perfect way to spend your morning with your best buds.

tiber canyon ranch_0004tiber canyon ranch_0005tiber canyon ranch_0006

Man cabin? I think so.

tiber canyon ranch_0007

We continued our walk thru up towards the workshop where we only began to drool over more amazing perfect photo ops.

tiber canyon ranch_0008tiber canyon ranch_0009tiber canyon ranch_0010

From the old door on shop that read “San Luis” to the worn wood and piano- everything told a story and we were SO excited to see so much character. Details- it’s all in the details here.

tiber canyon ranch_0011tiber canyon ranch_0012tiber canyon ranch_0013tiber canyon ranch_0014tiber canyon ranch_0015

The plant nerds in us were squealing as we walked through the olive grove, then the eucalyptus grove and then the oak trees. Ahhmaazzzingggg!

tiber canyon ranch_0016tiber canyon ranch_0017

They had the perfect seating lounges and nooks for guests to sit and take in the big day. (Or make for another perfect photo) 🙂

tiber canyon ranch_0018tiber canyon ranch_0019tiber canyon ranch_0020

Here we have the bride’s cabin, okay am I allowed to call it cute now? Because it was adorableeee.

tiber canyon ranch_0021tiber canyon ranch_0022

Loving the romantic linens and cozy corners to get ready.

tiber canyon ranch_0023tiber canyon ranch_0024tiber canyon ranch_0025tiber canyon ranch_0026

ummmm this was the bathroom, yep i had the same thought. Wayyyy t0o gorgeous! I want it to be my front door.

tiber canyon ranch_0027tiber canyon ranch_0028tiber canyon ranch_0029tiber canyon ranch_0030tiber canyon ranch_0031tiber canyon ranch_0032tiber canyon ranch_0033tiber canyon ranch_0034tiber canyon ranch_0035tiber canyon ranch_0036tiber canyon ranch_0037tiber canyon ranch_0038

Here is the ceremony location- just imagine the chairs lined up theatre style…perfection!

tiber canyon ranch_0039tiber canyon ranch_0040

And the amazing view the bride and groom get to gaze at while they say “I do”-magical!!

tiber canyon ranch_0041tiber canyon ranch_0042tiber canyon ranch_0043tiber canyon ranch_0044

They also had some great indoor space for grandma and gramps to chill or even serve your buffet dinner in with great circulation and flow.

tiber canyon ranch_0045tiber canyon ranch_0046

All in all we were SO excited to see another fabulous venue here on the central coast- it blows our minds how many gorgeous spots are here. I am a little thankful I didn’t know about all these hidden gems when I was a bride- man are there some amazing spaces.

Thank you Chris for sharing your gorgeous property!!



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