Waffle Ice Cream Sandwhich

Savoring Saturday:

With the temperature increasing, the flowers blooming, and walking into target and seeing bathing suit’s – summer is just around the corner! I couldn’t be more excited! Yes summer means a busy wedding season for us zesters, but I just love sunshine and I am ready to soak it in. Chanda and I are both little lizards. With summer also comes watermelon and all the yummy berries, and not to mention more ice cream. Chanda and I wanted to get in the spirit and whipped up this easy fast recipe to have in your back pocket for some fun summer hosting. You could make these waffle sandwiches in advance and then have a fondue dunking party. So many flavor combos between the toppings and types of chocolate, we would love to hear your favorites!


  • Frozen Waffles
  • Ice Cream
  • Sorbet
  • Chocolate
  • Toppings (nuts, sprinkles, coconut, etc.)

waffle ice cream sandwiches_0001

First toast your waffles so you will have a good crunch for those sammy’s….

waffle ice cream sandwiches_0002

Next allow your ice cream or sorbet to sit out for a few minutes so it is more malleable to spread around on your waffle. Spread to cover the entire waffle surface and make about 1″ thick.

waffle ice cream sandwiches_0003

Combine top and bottom…

waffle ice cream sandwiches_0004

Next place in freezer for at least 20 minutes for the ice cream to re-freeze. In the mean time prep your toppings- that means melt your chocolate and chop your nuts! I used a microwave for a quick melting fix 🙂

waffle ice cream sandwiches_0005

Once your toppings are chopped, melted and prepped and your sandwiches are frido it is time to zest these suckers up!

waffle ice cream sandwiches_0006

I decided to cut my waffles into quarters, making them easier to dunk and eat.

waffle ice cream sandwiches_0007waffle ice cream sandwiches_0008waffle ice cream sandwiches_0009

Have fun dunking your flavor combos- here I have chocolate coconut ice cream dipped in chocolate with shredded coconut, some with pistachios and others with pecans- yum!

waffle ice cream sandwiches_0010

This would make for the perfect spring or summer treat!



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