Wabi-Sabi Inspired Broken Ceramic Magnets

Chanda and I are BIG admirers of Japanese art and design….shou sugi ban….kokedama….shibori….and now–“Wabi Sabi.” Let’s say it together, “waaaahbeee sahhbeeee.” It’s just as fun to say as it is to exercise. This Japanese aesthetic is a world view centered on the acceptance of imperfection, impermanent, and incomplete. Whether it’s a hand shaped ceramic, a book with an open binding, or a torn cloth stitched back together- that’s right- think asymmetry, rough and simple. All that to say, when I saw saw these broken ceramics I knew just the craft to give them new life and purpose- just as they are- beautifully broken.


Simply add a dollop of glue on the back of each ceramic and place the magnet on the back.

Let glue dry completely based on package directions.

Time to put these magnets in action!

You can use the magnets to hold reminders, to do lists, pics or even just leave as is on your surface since they are beautiful pieces of art even as is!

Gotta love taking something broken and adding new purpose and beauty to it!

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