two journals with patterned covers and burlap spines

Vintage Book Makeover into a Journal

Well Hello there Zesters, can we just talk about the photo below? I like journals. ehmm I am not much of a writer- more of a doodler and every now and then I like to write notes of advice to my self or future kids- but over the years I have collected quite a few journals…. now its time to make one that is unique and gets you REALLY excited to write in errrry day đŸ™‚ a stack of different journals First pick out the books you want, I suggest using the old school readers digest books- they have super fun prints on their covers…see? First tear the front and back of the book cover off, don’t worry about the spine!three vintage looking booksNext take paper (8.5 x 11) and cut in half sheets. These pages in the pic below are just average normal computer paper, you could also use scrapbook paper, watercolor paper, colored paper or even better- stain the paper with coffee or tea!? (give that cool vintage look to match the book cover)

two pieces of paper sitting on top of a paper cutterNext place the stack of cut paper (however thick you want your book to be) in between your book covers. Blue tape the book/paper together or rubber band it so it makes the next step easier…drill holes along the edge of the book (about 1/2″) away from the edge. Drill three holes (so it resembles a 3 hole punch) .a hole being drilled into the edge of a book coverTake twine, string, ribbon- you name it! And lace the hole to bind your book….twine wrapped around a journal

Here is what the inside spine should look like, might be a little tough to move at first but over time the hole in paper will wear and turn with ease!

two journals with burlap twine as its spine See the book on the top- my dear friend Brookie made this one!! See how she did the tea/coffee stain to the pages?? COOOOLLLL and the bottom one is just average computer paper, whatever floats your boat.
two journals with patterned covers and burlap spinesToo fun right??

Once again- these would be great gifts! You could also add more pages as you go by simply untieing the twine and adding pages.  Another fun idea is to use children’s books and create a theme- who wouldn’t want a journal with the giving tree or hungry caterpillar on it?? sooo cute! Thanks for zestin up these vintage books!




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