Vegan Matcha Banana Ice Cream

Savouring Saturday

I told you I was on a kick! Healthy and yummy is my new mantra as I move towards my 40th B-Day 😉

With the heatwave taking over, I decided to combat the triple digits with a little frozen love.  It was most definitely time to bust out the ice cream maker!  What I love about this dessert is that it is loaded with fruit and only kissed with a little bit of naughty.  There isn’t a dash of cream anywhere to be seen!

banana iced cream_0000

Vegan Matcha Banana Ice Cream

5 bananas (the riper the sweeter!)

1/4 cup of raw honey

1 tablespoon of matcha

1/2 cup of dark chocolate chunks (I love 72% cocoa bar from TJ’s)

banana iced cream_0001

I love a holistic approach to food, and these ingredients are power-hitters!  The bananas are so creamy and sweet, but they are rich in potassium.  The matcha is loaded with antioxidants and cancer fighting compounds while giving you a good kick of caffeine for energy (click to read more about Matcha health benefits)  Then there is the raw honey!  Hello allergy fighter, immune system builder…get in mouth!  Literally nature’s best tasting medicine….EVER.  Oh, and then there is the little showstopper: dark chocolate.  It gives this dessert the perfect crunch and a little dark magic of sweetness. Yum!

banana iced cream_0002

Blend all the ingredients together (except the chocolate chunks) and then add them to your prepped ice cream maker.  Add in the chocolate chunks now, and watch them whirl around into the creaminess.

Side note, how much do you love that I found this awesome little ice cream maker at a thrift store?  And it just happened to be Zest it Up green!!  Love!!!! 🙂

banana iced cream_0003

banana iced cream_0004

The banana mixture does such a lovely job at getting luscious and creamy.  If it still feels a little too soft, feel free to throw it into the freezer for a little bit of extra chill-time.

banana iced cream_0005

Now this is a dessert that I can feel good about.  I will NOT let any little old heat wave get me down, as long as I have this in my arsenal!  Cold, creamy, sweet, and a powerful little treat for my health.  Genius, right?

Stay cool lovelies!



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