Urban Outfitters Inspired Copper Weaving

As I am sure you have caught on by now, Chanda and I love our copper and textiles- especially when combined. We are also loving the macrame and weaving trend going strong right now- but sometimes we don’t have the time (or patience, cough cough) to make these amazing creations. MUCH respect to the makers and crafters whom make these one of a kind pieces!! But for those like me- aka a little more coordination challenged with needles and thread- here is a quick tutorial on how to achieve that Urban Outfitters boho dream look with almost no effort- plus super inexpensive!!

supplies shot

First start by cutting your copper pipe. This might sound like quite a step- but trust me it’s super easy! It’s all in having the right tools, you can get a pipe cutter for pretty cheap at your local hardware store. They have different sizes but they can expand in size, my copper pipe is 1/2″. Start by spinning the copper pipe around and then tightening the blade down as you turn. With each turn the blade will score the pipe more and more until you have a clean cut- all done!

cut yarn

Next start by unraveling your yarn and cutting the yarn to the length you want your hanging to be, I want mine to hang about 12″ long so I cut pieces of yarn that are double the size, 24″ long.

slide yarn through pipe

Now it’s time to make a “lark’s foot” loop with your yarn. Simply fold your string in half so it’s of equal length, then, have your “U” shape under the pipe. Take the two cut ends and thread them through the “U” and pull tightly to make a “lark’s foot.” Do this over and over with all your yarn in your desired pattern.

make a larks foot tie

Once you have all your layers of yarn tied it’s is time to give it a haircut! I decided to cut mine at a diagonal for visual interest.

give your string a haircut

All done friends! This is SO fast and easy to make but get’s you that handmade boho vibe perfectly!

time to hangdetail shot of hanging


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