Upcycled Washing Machine Cocktail Bar

Thrifty Thursday

If you have been following along on our office renovations, you may already know that our space’s previous life was as an appliance repair shop.  Imagine a large warehouse filled to the brim with broken, worn out appliances two stories high.  Seriously, ya’ll, it was a crazy mess to inherit.  Obviously, it turned into multiple trips to the dump.  THAT was an interesting experience.  Actually, it was kind of amazing, if I’m honest.  It has made for some genuine makeover moments that are worthy of any serious HGTV audience.  It’s been a fun and wild ride creating the transformation, for sure.

I must sigue a bit here to say that the junkers in us never die.  No matter how much we cleared stuff out, we had to keep a couple of things we felt were treasures.  Case in point, a 1950’s retro blue dryer.  We didn’t even check to see if it worked, we just knew we could get creative with something so kitschy and colorful!  At first we were thinking it would make a great indoor plant display.  Cute idea right?  Sure, we love plants.  We are a couple of plant ladies.  Plants are great….but in the end, cocktails won over!  So here is our kitschy, retro bar that pays legit homage to our space’s roots!


Kitchy and fun, right?  I simply cut a couple of pieces of 1″ X 4″‘s to rest inside as shelves…no screws or nails needed.


Trash to treasure in our book!




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