Upcycled Vertical Planter

Find & Fix it Friday

In any kind of design, vertical elements are super important.  I think that in gardening, that is most definitely true!  It can be incredibly easy to fill up a raised garden bed with vegetation.  If you are like me, you may find yourself pretty darn frustrated as you see plants grow and cramp.  I think that I secretly wish all of our raised beds were at least an acre in size.  Is it wrong to want to grow enough produce to fill our own tables and those of all our friends?  Gahhh….I always want more space.  That is when you need to think outside the box!  Literally!! LOL

strawberry planted pot_0000Instead of counting my bed fully planted and no longer accessible for planting more food, I had an “ah-ha” moment when I saw a cast-off old plant stand.  Why not create more space with a little ingenuity, right?

Using some plant stakes, I secured the stand right into the soil (it has done a great job of securing it in the wind!)strawberry planted pot_0001

Next up, I drilled a hole right through the top of the plant stand.  Why? Well, it may not be necessary for the project, but I love that all the watering run off literally falls right down onto my bed of beets and arugula!  Besides, as you will see below, it helps with securing this vertical element.

strawberry planted pot_0002Taking some basic garden wire (copper is my fav!), I ran it through the pot hole and then through the hole I made in the stand.  Do this several times, securing the pot on all sides from toppling in the wind.strawberry planted pot_0003
strawberry planted pot_0005strawberry planted pot_0006

Next up?  Time to plant!  I decided on a strawberry plant.  I liked that the crimson fruit would hang down from my new planter.

strawberry planted pot_0007strawberry planted pot_0008


strawberry planted pot_0009

Hope you are inspired to get out there and think outside-of-the-box!  There are few things more rewarding than getting your hands dirty and growing your own food!  LOVE!



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