Upcycled Office Lamp

This project was literally born out of seeing a super cool metal-tripod-thingy at my local Restore. I am not really positive as to what it’s first life was comprised of, but I knew that it would make a super cool base for a new creation. For $15, I snatched it up and started dreaming about table and planter designs. There were so many possibilities, so I decided to let it live in our project storage area until a need arose…followed by an “AHA!” moment. Sure enough, a few months later, we wound up needing extra lighting in our office. Rather than dropping $200-$500 on a floor lamp, I ran upstairs and grabbed my trusty metal-tripod-thingy and started to scheme. I really love how it turned out, and for around $40 I had something worthy of a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalog. Not too shabby, if ya ask me!


metal tripod thing found at Restore┬á­čÖé

2″ diameter dowel

walnut colored wood stain

3 way lamp socket

lamp┬áthread pipe, 6″ long

1 lamp cord

2 small metal plumping straps

flathead screwdriver

phillips screwdriver

drum shade (copper spray paint, optional)

Start by staining your wooden dowel to the color that compliments your decor. I chose a walnut stain. Then, I used the flat ended screws that came with the metal tripod to tighten down the dowel like an old fashioned Christmas tree stand. Pretty simple.

Now for the electrical. Open the socket and screw the bottom onto your electrical thread pipe.

Using the metal plumbing straps, secure the electrical thread to your dowel.

Push your electrical wire for your lamp up through the electrical thread pipe and out the top.

Grabbing the other half of the socket that you set aside, pull the inside out so that you can attach the white copper wire to one screw and the black copper wire to the other screw.

Then, simply nestle the socket down into the bottom attached part and cover it with the top that you had removed. You are now officially electrified!

I chose a simple white drum shade, but I decided to give it a little bit of warmth and design detailing by spraying the inside of the drum a shiny copper.

I love when an inexpensive project turns out better than you imagined. Every time that I turn this cutie on, I give myself a mental pat-on-th-back. It feels amazing when your space is filled with beauty that IS your creative process. It is always so awesome watching how frugality and thriftiness can really push your creativity when coupled with problem-solving and good design. I guess I am a bit of an addict (some would say hoarder of materials with potential).
Happy creating!

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