Turmeric, Yogurt & Raw Honey Facial Mask

Just one stop in a Lush storefront and you will quickly become addicted to the trend of natural beauty products.  The aromas are divine and there is something so enchanting about knowing that what you are putting on your largest organ (your skin) is totally safe….even edible in most cases!

While we adore all their gorgeous products, we are some rather thrifty girls over here at Zest.  So, we tend to take the natural beauty product trend a step further…right into the kitchen!  This little concoction was actually shared with me by both my mom and sissy.  They have been doing this mask for a while now and were totally raving about it’s affects on their skin.  Obviously, Sam and I had to give it a try.  We already knew about all the healing properties in raw honey, turmeric and yogurt when added to our fav foods, so why the heck not slap some onto our faces??

face scrub_0000

Turmeric, Yogurt & Raw Honey Facial Mask

Greek yogurt

raw honey


Note: Using fresh turmeric makes it kind of runny, but powdered turmeric works great too!

face scrub_0001

This is as basic as it gets…just stir everything together and apply it to your face in a nice even coat.

face scrub_0002face scrub_0003

This mask is gentle enough to do several times a week.  You will notice



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