Trendy Tuesday: Taking Spring Cleaning a Step Further

That’s right peeps…as the skies have increased in sunny rays, the bug of spring-cleaning has started to bite (and bite hard).  I have been going through the closet, purging things I haven’t been tempted to wear over the last year.  I have been going through the garage, throwing out whatever has been piling up dust (ok, let’s get real, there isn’t anything actually making it to the trash….mmmmm let’s just call it reorganization.  I mean, even the crafted wax relief papers made in an art class can eventually find a new use and a new life 🙂 ).

And, with bathing suit season headed down the pipeline, it is time to be looking at some physiological spring cleaning.  That’s right!  Time to rev up the metabolism, heal my digestive system and immune system, and wellll…..shed a couple of catering pounds 🙂

And that is what I call a nice segue into a trend that I am totally digging right now.  The trend of giving your body a rest with cleansing.  When you pop onto Pinterest or a general web search (aka google it!), the key term “cleanse” will bring up a myriad of images and plans.



Image here

I am happy to say that I partake of all these healthful foods on a regular basis.  Wahoo!!  However, I probably deter them from their full dietary potential by eating them alongside cheese or processed food :/  So, what to do to rev things up?  Don’t just approach healthful food as something to accent your current diet….instead, how about a total jumpstart with a true cleanse.  There are so many out there, and I have yet to choose the one for me….but here are some ideas!

Dr. Oz anyone??


I don’t know about you, but Dr. Oz’s 3 day cleanse seems totally doable….and healthful.  He is concerned about appropriate caloric intake, but meets the demand and need for a system cleanse for those of us looking to clean our systems after indulging in too much processed foods (or in my case: cheese, bacon, sugar, and ummmmm everything that we have been baking in our test kitchen!).

88ab0e692188f74c130947bd0335ab67Check out all his program and what he has to say here.

However, for a slightly more aggressive approach…though it seems daunting…….c1aa1889405fdf250fd82c89966a61cf

Image and details found here

Gulp, I’m feeling hungry already!

Well, there you have it!  A legit trend….holistic and colorful.  Actually, even Zest has gotten in on the action when it comes to this trend!!!



Garlic, honey and lemon tea


Flu Fighting Apple Green Tea Tumeric Tonic Spicy Winter Juice


Watermelon Mint Juice


Spinach Lemonade


Spicy Winter Juice

IMG_8900(pp_w645_h483)Well, there you have it.  Are you tempted (or courageous enough) to try this trend out?  I am!  Maybe tomorrow…..



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