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Hey, hey, hey there!  This Trendy Tuesday we wanted to hit up a mucho importante trend in food: seasonal eating.  Perhaps this isn’t a nuevo concept for you, but if you have been raised with the American sense of instant gratification, perhaps the notion of waiting til spring before you indulge in digesting a strawberry seems completely absurd.  However, there is a major gastronomic movement that espouses the MANY benefits of eating seasonal, aka only eating what is in season at the moment.  The benefits range from physiological, to environmental, and economical.  All great things, right?  So, what’s the scope?


For your health:

When you choose to eat what is in season, you get the benefits of eating food that is at it’s peak.  It is ripening and at it’s prime, so you benefit from increased vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  Another fun fact, our seasonal food tends to feed our body the right nutrients for the season.  A perfect example is all the leafy greens that come to maturity in the Spring.  The cleansing and detoxifying ability of things like mustard and dandelions is the perfect solution for a health spring-cleaning.

For the economy:

You can’t beat the reality of the benefits for your local economy when you support local farmers who are growing seasonal foods right in your community.  Major bonuses for shopping locally…that’s undeniable.

For environment:

Just imagine, if you decided to eat locally, you wouldn’t be eating food that required a fully gassed truck to drive thousands of miles and cross borders.  Talk about reducing your carbon footprint!  That’s a reduction in fuel consumption and air pollution….can I get a woot woot!  That’s some major pros for not eating avocados in January!

If you haven’t been moved, just check out all the rad food you get to enjoy in-season!  And just as you start to get bored with the variety, you get to change over to all the new offerings of the next season.  Talk about building anticipation!


Keep your eyes out as we try to incorporate more seasonal foods in our recipes…and we challenge you to brave the brisk cold of winter and get out to your farmer’s markets for local herbivore delights!  Let the anticipation build, our bodies rejuvenate, and our planet enjoy a break!

And maybe we won’t make so much tropical fruit salad in the middle of winter…tee hee


Anticipation…a new mantra!


Chanda & Sam


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