Trendy Tuesday: Destination Weddings with a Local Vibe!

Sam and I LOVE the growing trend of venues catering to the couples who are looking for a “local” destination wedding experience.  We love it because it creates such an intimate celebration.  There is no need to travel to Jamaica in order to have a special weekend with your family and friends as you celebrate saying “I do.”

“Back in the day” when I got married (aka 15 years ago!!! gulp…hooray!!!), brides and grooms were lucky to even get a chance to greet each guest.  Forget about any quality time!  Family and friends are what make life worth celebrating for Pete’s sake!  So, I love the notion of slowing the whole experience dooowwwwwwnnnnnnnn.


Thanks to Ely Roberts Photography, I have a few pix to share with you of my sister’s gorgeous wedding weekend at Flying Caballos.

You will see what I mean about intimate….such fun!

flying_caballos_ranch_wedding_0146flying_caballos_ranch_wedding_0147flying_caballos_ranch_wedding_0145flying_caballos_ranch_wedding_0148The happy couple (my sissy and new brother-in-law) were even happier the next morning when they got to wake up to a catered brunch for about 100 family and friends who were still in town.

Yay for quality time!!!

flying_caballos_ranch_wedding_0149Above images via Ely Roberts Photography

Of course, when you live in such a gorgeous area, you are bound to have a few venue owners jumping on this trend wagon.


Check out Juliann and Stephen’s wedding at  Grace Maralyn Estate & Gardens where Zest it Up is more that ecstatic to be the in-house caterers!

Images via Sara Lucero





And, the inspiration for today’s post!  Sam and I were privileged to tour a brand new “destination” wedding site called

Rancho dos Amantes

(We were ready to stay and “retreat” for a little R&R….seriously!  So fabulous that we did not want to leave)


I think this new trend is pretty enticing, if ya ask me!  I almost want to renew my vows just for an excuse to get everyone together again!



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