Decorating with Houseplants

This Trendy Tuesday is something near and dear to my heart, because it is a lovely meeting of both health and beauty.  Thanks to the NASA Clean Air Study, houseplants as legitimate decor is no longer just a throwback to the 70’s.  Get this, NASA’s study showed that

under controlled conditions (in the NASA study) certain houseplants were found to remove as much as 87 percent of indoor air pollutants within 24 hours

Kind of fabulous if you ask me!  Basically, if you have 1 potted plant per 100 square feet of home or office space, you will be cleaning your air and improving your health!

Here are some ideas…that may even work for those missing a “green thumb”.

plantsvia Hello Natural

I’ve gotta say, this nature-loving girl is super happy to be conforming.  Check out some of my recent acquisitions:


Not too shabby.  But, I have definitely been hunting down some more inspiration.  There are so many ideas out there for “greening” up your space in the most literal way imaginable.  I think it is just a heavenly way to create a healthy space and bring beauty indoors.  Plants turn any room into a home!


Green up your office.  I love how this pothos has literally become part of the drapery.  Gorgeous!

Caru-Skincare-12via Free People


Even mixing a bit of the bohemian with industrial becomes natural and not forced when plants soften the lines.  This living space is simply magical.


via Pinterest


Get creative with your displays.  I love that they “tucked” living greenery under the bookcase…it creates a lovely continuation of the outdoor views, making this space feel even larger.



Using all neutrals in the room, plants become a bold pop of color that invigorates the space.

ELLE Decoration 0613StylingBilderTrendKråkvikD'Oraziovia Home & Delicious


Ummmm, a living wall….need I say more??  Geesh, gorgeous!

tumblr_mui3bzBIuG1r2lohvo1_1280via The Brick House


This is a limitless notion: herbs grown in the kitchen.  I say limitless, because there are so many design elements you can introduce here.  Here, I like the metal hooks and the wooden boxes that remind me of fruit boxes.  Really charming.  The wood and greenery help to warm up this otherwise cool room of blues, greys, and whites.

a8a72e9f8d2bb0364611fb7d88c2d707via Pinterest


I love the geometric appeal of a snake plant, especially when in a unique plant stand like this one.  Simple lines make it charming.

plant-blank-wall-lgnvia Good Housekeeping


Urban gardening for sure.  There are a couple of companies making wall mounted pods for smaller plants.  It is a great way to give a nod to modern aesthetics, while breathing life into a design that could otherwise feel austere with so many clean lines and simplicity.

5f9fc02d3cbad0cfbcf6a41db894174evia Decoist


Drama, drama, drama.  Kind of like the stiletto heel to a woman’s leg, the trailing drapery of creeping plants accentuates all the right things with a very dramatic flare.  This deserves a whistle!

5f7eeda47975f2d8a7c0de43f2368c85via Pinterest

4b1b3995bc83f0f7f96522740d3fd49cvia Pinterest


And lastly, do not be afraid to create a collection.  Massing several plants together not only makes the plants happier, but it visually gives a sense of harmony.  As a collection, the plants avoid feeling like clutter.  Instead, they look like a well thought out design element.

cd-jr-05via I’m Breanna Rose

I hope you are feeling inspired to follow a trend that is good for the health of your whole family!  There are so many beautiful ways to make this Trendy Tuesday come to life in your own home…maybe I will see you in the houseplant aisles at Home Depot!



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