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Field trip! One of the best things about working in the food industry is that I get to take the coolest field trips. Today it was the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. I was able to peruse the aisles full of thousands of food and beverage companies crowding the halls of the Moscone Center; it was an awesome opportunity to see what new ideas and trends are out there. Here’s a peek at what I saw:




And the winners are…

Most Unique: Beer flavored candy. From an IPA flavored salt water taffy to hops flavored hard candies, this concept was well-developed and intriguing.

There were two runners-up for most unique: One was peppermint cheese. This was a monstrous wheel of aged cheddar with peppermint candies crushed into the surface. And also mac n’ cheese ravioli which was made with Kraft mac n’ cheese sauce.

Best Overall Food: Salted Caramel Mochi. De. Lish. Ous.

Worst Overall Food: Black fermented garlic. By far the worst idea ever. I couldn’t find another food  to wash the flavor away fast enough.

Future trend: Maple bacon. It’s already hit the fresh food/restaurant industry, I predict that it will hit the prepared foods industry by next year.

Current trend: Salted Caramel. (Surprised? As if you haven’t already “liked” a thousand salted caramel recipes on Pinterest!) You don’t just like the idea of salted caramel. If you did then a chocolate covered caramel with sea salt on top would be adequate. No, instead, we find salted caramel fountains for dipping, salted caramel popcorn, gelato, cupcakes, chai mix, hot chocolate mix, salt water taffy and pre-made frosting.


This trend was so overplayed that it became painfully obvious what I must do. Now, I know I’ve shown you my fair share of salted caramel recipes in the past, but now that I see how ridiculous this trend is, I find the need to exaggerate the now-cliche flavor combination. That being said, for the next couple of weeks, I will incorporate salted caramel into every recipe I post for you. You like salted caramel? You shall have salted caramel…

One more thing! I’d love to know that food trends you are currently seeing. The only other one I could come up with is birthday cake, which is also becoming quite popular. What do you think?


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