Thrifty Thursday: Vintage Silverware stamping DIY

Today we got to play with silverware and oh boy was it fun! Who doesn’t love a project that costs a few bucks and has instant gratification and requires you to work outside in the sunshine?? I am sure you have seen the latest greatest trend to have stamped jewelry or silverware- so we decided it was about time to take a zesty stab at our own diy tutorial. While we were out garage sale pickin’ we saw some awesome silverware that we scored for a few bucks and it was time to fly….

P1010133Don’t you just love all the fun handle shapes and sizes??

P1010134P1010135And check out this beauty- from the Madonna Inn!! I think I will save this one to make a fun bracelet or ring, tutorial to come soon!





Non-toxic marker

Metal Stamp Kit (we ordered online here)


P1010165First I decided to try hammering a spoon flat and stamp it

P1010166P1010169Yay Looking good and flat, just gotta keep hammering-ooops looks like I left some zest on the concrete 🙂

P1010139Maya had to come say hi too!

P1010161While I was hammering Brittany took a stab at some awesome keys we found too!

P1010162P1010205P1010210P1010213Made for a super cute necklace!!

P1010234After I had my spoon all hammered out I added the words, then used a sharpie to color each letter and wipe off with a paper towel. Be sure to get in all the crevices!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1010238P1010240OOOoooOOO I love it! I think I will need to make one for my sister in law who is an English teacher 🙂

P1010142Next I decided to leave the spoon as is and make a spoon for my little tea station in the kitchen!

P1010153OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1010203P1010202

Gah! So cute! And one more for the tea station….

spoonP1010252A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go downnnnnnn…..

Oh this project was way too fun and addictive, watch out world I might have a new love of metal stamping 🙂


Happy Thrifty Thursday!


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