DIY Brass Bookmarks

Thrifty Thursday:

As the weather warms up and the gentle breezes start to play in the air, I am drawn to the activities of Spring.  I find that flowering plants and veggies seem to instantaneously appear in my shopping cart and my “free” time seems to get dominated by little hiking excursions along with bursts of soil-toil in the garden.  I love every change of the seasons, but this may be my favorite.  There is something magical in the cold and cozy days of winter finding the sudden, quiet energy of Spring.  The hillsides seem to wake up with bright green growth and wildflowers galore.  It makes me see everything with new eyes.  The coolest thing is that along with all this vitality and activity, the mild days of Spring will also cause me to slow down.  Call it a “stop and smell the roses” syndrome, but my increased activity and excitement that comes with warmer days, also has me taking more moments to savour.  The perfectly mild, sunny days literally beg for a glass of iced tea and a good read.  Whether taking 20 minutes (or a decadent hour) on the couch with all the windows wide open, or whether you have the good fortune to have a lazy hammock nearby, the increased activity and lovely weather begs for you to take a moment.

Since I am waxing poetic about the changes of the season, how about a quick little project to heighten the poetry of the moment.  Great as a gift, and even better for your own sneak-away-time with a good book, this cute little metal bookmark is an easy accessory that makes quiet moments feel even more special.


Using a little set of metal letter stamps, a hammer and some decorative metal from the hardware store, this project whips up crazy quick!

First step is to find a quote that inspires you, whether original or borrowed.  I chose a quote from Shakespeare, but you could easily hop onto Pinterest or Google for your own inspiration.


The metal sheets were just a bit to wide for my liking.  Besides, cutting them down with a sharp paper cutter allows for me to make even more bookmarks!  Yay for the frugality of Thrifty Thursday projects!


Using a hard surface behind the metal sheet, I simply chose my letters and gave them a few taps with a hammer.  Viola!


In order to make the lettering stand out just a bit more, I used some basic black acrylic paint and smooshed it into the crevices of my lettering.


Gently wiping the surface free of the wet paint, I was left with an easy to read quote for my Springtime book reads.


Cute, sweet, and simple.  A perfect little project to keep or to share.


Cheers to Spring, quiet moments and listening to the music of the earth!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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