Thrift Thursday: Vintage Souvenir Books

Hellloooo Zesters!

How have you all been! It has been almost A YEAR since my last blog posting! I guess I shall begin with a bit of a reintroduction, my name is Kristi Union, last year I began interning for Chanda & Sam and worked consistently over the summer. Once school started up again I had a crazy year of being involved with my major’s auction & dinner committee, taking way too many units, and squeezing in some adventure. During this past summer returned to the Zest team, and I am now working as an assistant while I finish up my last quarter at Cal Poly! Back in March you may have seen the pictures of the most surreal and magical day I’ve had thus far in my life, when my now fiancé, Cooper, proposed during what I thought was a mock bridal shower! If you missed out on the billowing & intricate moroccan decor the Zest Ladies created check it out here!  From now until the end of November I guarantee I will be posting about some of my wedding projects, ideas, and experimental wifey practicing.

For this weeks’ Thrift Thursday I will let you in on my quest of budget bridal-ry. Since March I have been keeping an eye out for vintage pieces and knick-knacks to repurpose pre, during, and post wedding! In a recent trip Summer trip to Nashville & Kentucky I came across The Country Store, yes that is the actual name, located near the humid, luscious, podunk Kentucky Lake, this hidden gem was quite the treasure trove. While perusing the good ole Country Store I can across a letter holder filled with these colorful, weathered, postcard looking booklets. Priced at 50 CENTS EACH I snagged a few of them! My aunt’s mom explained to me, that back in the day souvenir booklets were a very popular gift from traveling friends or family members. Each booklet is folded accordion style with about 15 images of popular landmarks and historical sites, they also contain a brief write up about the destination.



Check out that stamp! 1947!




These booklets can be used for a variety of purposes! My gut response was to use them as a thifty alternative to seeking out vintage postcards for events.


The booklets can also add a unique historical flair to a coffee table, can be individually featured as wall art, or they can be used for a decoupage project! Eventually, I would love to use these adorable cards for a decoupage project, whether or not they will make an appearance at the wedding is still being determined 🙂 I will keep y’all updated.


Until next time,


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