Thrift Thursday: Restore Outing

Ok, my lovelies, I felt like today was a great day for a little run to one of our addictions: Habitat for Humanity’s building thrift store, Restore.  We have sighted this fantastic place in hundreds of posts as a great resource and go-to for all sorts of projects.  So, today on Zest it Up, we are giving you a sneak peek at one of the coolest places on earth (if you haven’t already heeded our advice and visited it yourself).

Introducing Restore:

20140123_152943Let’s start the tour by looking at the nifty gadgets- oh the possibilities!

20140123_15554820140123_15331520140123_15540920140123_15315820140123_15314520140123_154820Hmmm what to do with this one??!?!

20140123_154222We approve of these zesty deals!!

20140123_15544120140123_15413520140123_153210Can you believe how many cool doors there are? Oh the possibilities!!

20140123_15405620140123_154931OOOOOooooooOOOOO la la

20140123_153021What a great wine rack!!

20140123_153306I could think of some fun decor with these babies, how about you?

20140123_153044And don’t forget about all the awesome paint colors they are constantly rotating!! Such a great deal too!


Hope we inspired and you saw some cool pieces through a new lens- let the creating begin!!





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