Thrift Thursday: Playing with Concrete

Uh oh…..I think I may have a new addiction.  I have been hankering for a small fountain for my patio.  Things have been a-bloomin’ and my hummingbirds have been in full force, so the only thing missing was the peaceful serenity of trickling water.  Of course, this thrifty girl was not even tempted to shell out anywhere near $100-$200 for some fountain serenity.  Solution?  Well, I found a desktop pump at the thrift store for just a couple of bucks.  Since the desktop design was not going to cut it for my cute little patio, I pulled out the pump and started thinking: CONCRETE!

20140407_130626After reading a couple of tutorials, I felt confident enough to pick up a 60 lbs bag of Quickcrete from Ace and start to plan an attack.  Hunting through options of containers for a mold, I settled on a large circular bin.

20140407_130843Time to mix my Quickcrete with water.

20140407_13093020140407_13115820140407_131412Get ready, mixing takes some muscle….but the results were well worth it, just wait!  Hahaha, I love the paint sticks in these pics.  As if!!!!  Nope, those were quickly surrendered in favor of 2″X4″s.  Before pouring the mixed concrete into the bin, I oiled the interior so that my creation would pop out easily once cured.

20140407_13170920140407_13194820140407_13214620140407_13172620140407_132333Then it was time to oil up another circular container for creating the bowl shape I was looking for….

20140407_13324320140407_13324920140407_13325420140407_13332420140407_133458Making sure that we didn’t push the smaller container too far down, we weighted it and left it to cure.  But, I have to admit that I felt a wee bit like a little girl waiting for a present 🙂  I intended to bust it out the very next day, but as luck would have it, Zest had me too busy to fuss with it for a couple of days.  However, to my great pleasure, the oil did the trick and popping out the concrete was super easy!

20140414_150927First, I used a taller bin to invert the whole thing onto…didn’t want any crashing and cracking!

20140414_15100320140414_151032Viola!  Perfection. So easy and deeply satisfying.  Now time to play with that little pump!

20140414_151600Yay!  It works!  With a quick hunt for rocks in the yard, I was ready to finish my creation.


20140414_15233120140414_15234320140414_15240620140414_15245020140414_15244320140414_152431Project done! Serenity complete!  I am absolutely adoring my new little fountain.  I can even hear the pleasant waterfall from my bedroom window….such a nice way to fall asleep.

I must repeat how I began this blog….uh oh, I may have a new addiction: CONCRETE!

Some candle stands are coming next 🙂







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