Thrift Thursday: Meet Fred & Betty’s Thrift Store

We always love us some good treasure hunting- which is why were so excited when we saw that SLO Classical Academy gave their thrift store a fun make-over! Gotta love it when you combine good design with treasure hunting bargains! When we first walked up we were loving the logo and color scheme- precious! Meet Fred & Betty!


And then we saw this cuteness…

IMG_9294And were immediately greeted with some amazing finds, can you say HELLLO reclaimed wood!

IMG_9298IMG_9302We were lovin’ the teal peg board- HoT!

IMG_9296And the giant spool counter 🙂



And the old doors, ok ok there is some cool stuff on the doors and shelves too- but man we are loving the presentation!

IMG_9299IMG_9300IMG_9303This set was certainly tempting, we love the pattern and colors!!

IMG_9304And then let’s talk about the changing area? Don’t you just love it when thrift stores have changing areas, then they look as adorable as this? Check out the fringe!

IMG_9305IMG_9301I was loving the pattern on this awesome light fixture!

IMG_9307IMG_9306And their prices aren’t too shabby either.

IMG_9308IMG_9311Yep I would say that even though we didn’t walk out with tons of treasures we were both inspired, especially by this fun sign- tee heee


Happy Thrift Thursday y’all!


Sam & Chanda


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