Thrift Thursday: Easy Holiday Decor

Chanda and I are so excited to be done with our events for 2013- all except for the grand finale! Our own Zest Holiday party! That’s right, prepare to be zested- holiday style! We are busily prepping the food and decorating my home, ready for a quick, easy, and CHEAP decor idea? After all it is Thrift Thursday! 🙂


  • Wide Mouth Mason Jar
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Fresh pine/evergreen tree cutting or any greenery from your yard
  • Floating Candle

IMG_7806Here comes the thriftiness- stop by your local home depot and instead of good old dumpster diving- time to dive for pine!! They will have tons of great clippings from noble to fir and pine! SCORE!

IMG_7809Got all your supplies??

IMG_7810Step one: place a small handful of clippings in the jar, you won’t want it to rise past the lid. Fill er’ up with water next.

IMG_7811Step two:  Time to float your berries!

IMG_7812Step three: Kerplunk- last we drop in the candle. Ready to set the mood??

IMG_7817IMG_7819IMG_7818IMG_7820IMG_7825IMG_7824Hope you enjoy this easy Christmas decor- I love it because it gives great color, ambiance, and scent!! Score!


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