Thrift Thursday: Driftwood Garland

Billy and I celebrated three years of marriage this past June, which means we have been together for 7 years-oh how time flies! We managed to scurry up the coast for a quick two night camping trip in Santa Cruz were we had some fun adventures on the beach and in the red woods (gotta love the contrast of the CA coast). How cool is this concrete boat docked at the pier?


After strolling the beach with the pups I couldn’t help but notice all the amazing drift wood lying at our feet. Billy saw me with my zesty eyes and he knew there was no going back. Unfortunately my little hands would not be able to harvest all the wood I had in mind for my little zest project, but not to worry- while Billy was fast asleep the next morning I skipped down to the beach (bag in hand) and went to town on collecting. I must have looked like a little squirrel collecting nuts for the winter-tee hee. But needless to say, I got my driftwood!!

IMG_1661(pp_w705_h528)And Maya was quite content chewing too 🙂


And now to Zest!


  • Driftwood (depends on how long you want your garland, I gathered one medium brown paper bag)
  • Fishing Line
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • Drill bits

drillGrab the 3/32 size drill bit and start to drill holes through the wood


Be sure to press firmly and go through the entire piece of wood, drill in the center of your wood


When collecting your wood grab pieces that are larger and will hold up under pressure (otherwise some will split when you drill)


Got your hole?

Now do this again and again and again….


Time to string your garland!


Once you have all your driftwood drilled and strung it’s time to tie off and decorate!!

You can hang your garland from the ceiling, drape it on your fireplace mantle, make some yard art or even do a table runner like I did…


And now we have a fun little memorable piece from our trip to remember our third year wedding anniversary!!


Love you “B”



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