Thrift Thursday: Curious of some good deals? Check out Curio!

One of Chanda and my favorite little gems in town is a trendy consignment store called Curio. Located in Downtown SLO, this little gem is full of funky and fun different pieces that are either new or gently loved. We always seem to find too many treasure when we arrive, so knowing this I planned ahead! You see not only are most of their prices thrifty, but you also can trade in some clothing to use for store credit toward some fun fresh new threads. That’s right, bring in 15 items that are in good condition and up to the latest greatest trends and you can get some $$$ for them! I usually will bring in a bag and stock up some $ so I eventually don’t even have to use $ for my new finds. What a great thrift right!?! So go clean out those closets!!


First I went through my closet and found 15 items that were in good condition and were summer/spring apparel.

IMG_9540Now for the moment of truth! Let’s see what I can get for those items and see if we find any treasures!

IMG_9552IMG_9551IMG_9550IMG_9549IMG_9548IMG_9547So as they were busy sorting through my collections I was fighting off some serious temptations- do you see how cute their stuff is?!?!? Too many great options and all at a great and reasonable cost!

IMG_9545Check out this awesome $2.00 bin!!

IMG_9544IMG_9543IMG_9542Okay time to see what I scored! Keep in mind they only give you 30% of the cost, but hey that’s more than what you will get than dropping it at Goodwill right??

IMG_9553Wahoo I have $17 credit to spend now! I think I will save up and buy something next time when I need that special occasion dress, how good is it going to feel to get it for practically free? Especially if I bring in another bag of clothes! Whoop whoop! Definitely check out this thrifty fun adventure when you get a chance!




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