The Secret Garden Organic Herb Shop

One of the things that we absolutely adore about our favorite quaint Central Coast towns is exploring little hidden-out-of-the-way gems.  The Secret Garden Organic Herb Shop is just that: hidden along the creek in downtown San Luis Obispo and radiating it’s “gem” status for all those ready to hunt it’s corners and shelves!


Sam and I love to poke around their inventory, finding all sorts of treasures that we are excited to try.  They are an awesome source of all sorts of loose leaf teas, natural remedies, and beauty products.

Holistic makes me happy, so hunting the shelves while “googling” inspiration is a total delight!


There is something to be said for a shopping experience that literally assaults you with beauty in every little nook n’ cranny.


We were more than a little excited to try out their yummy teas.  Mmmmonday for sure!  And get ready for some future posts using Bentonite Clay…we are so excited about this little natural wonder!


If you find yourself strolling the streets of downtown San Luis Obispo, do yourself a favor and head creekside.  This little shop is well worth some exploration.  The Secret Garden Organic Herb Shop is a treat!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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