The Oviatt Penthouse in LA

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You might have seen a couple of weeks back that Sam and I had to privilege of touring around venues in LA with one of our sweet couples.  We had so much fun visiting a broad spectrum of venue types and taking in all the eye candy.  Today, I wanted to give you a little walk around The Oviatt Penthouse in the heart of downtown.  Built for the men’s clothier James Oviatt in the 1920’s, it is replete with original French Art Deco gems that would make any bride swoon!  Can you imagine chandeliers and glass elevator doors designed by Renee Lalique and many tons of “Napoleon” marble imported from France to grace the interiors?  This is quite literally exquisite detailing and living history rolled into one!!


After the grand entrance at street level and a ride up the stylish elevators, you are ushered down halls lined with famous friends of Oviatt and visitors of the Penthouse.  During cocktail hour, your guests will find this Art Deco bar chockfull of ambience.


The one of a kind artwork is mesmerizing.


Once the hangout rooftop that was only surpassed in height by one other building (by like inches), the tennis courts have been replaced by a full catering kitchen and the deck is now where your guests will bask in the sun as they watch you make a grand entrance.  By night, the buildings become utter magic!


A rooftop lounge brings a serious chill vibe by night.


However, my favorite part about this venue is the pure kitsch factor!  So much glamour, coupled with so much history!  This “Coke Room” may have been my favorite!!  This was where ladies could literally sneak away from the crowd and “powder” their noses.  What kind of powder do you ask?  Why, the pure cocaine type of course!  That sweet little table between the vanity stools has a secret pull-out mirror shelf for cutting.  Geeze!!!  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I already knew that the original zing of Coca Cola was a key ingredient…cocaine!  Man-oh-man!  Kinda makes you laugh when you think of caffeine addictions, right?


Mr. Oviatt’s room was more than a tad decadent.



Oh, and there is that marble!


For more details, check out the deets on Here Comes the Guide.  It is truly a gem in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Downtown LA.

Be inspired.



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