The Gardens of Avila


Last week we had a roughhhhhh day- I won’t go into detail but you ever feel like just everything you do hit’s a wall? Yep. That was me and Chanda. What’s the remedy to a frustrating day? Dinner with your bestie of course!! Have you ventured down to Avila Beach yet and been to Sycamore Mineral Springs. Okay maybe you have been to the hot springs or spa, but have you ate at the Gardens of Avila yet?? It’s a real hidden gem! Especially their quaint little happy hour!! We snuggled up near the fire and sipped on a glass of wine while we menu planned for some upcoming fabulous holiday parties. (yes we even talk about food while we eat food, what can I say we are FOODIES)

But first we explored the beautiful little garden area…

sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1284sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1285sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1286sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1287sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1288sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1289sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1290sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1291Now onto our little appetizer pick me up…

sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1292sycamoremineralspringsavilabeach_1293We ordered up the chicken croquettes served with a spicy aioli, roasted baby beet salad served with burrata, pumpkin seeds, cranberry, and balsamic and fig.YUM


and then we ventured off to try to grilled ribeye tacos served with salsa verde, tangerine, grilled spring onions- we would highly recommend these bad boys!!


They do also offer a thanksgiving special!!



Looks like they have some other amazing menus here– definitely going to have to come back to put them to the zest test!!



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