The Frothy Shipwreck, a Walters Original

Savoring Saturday:


Help! I’ve Bean Shipwrecked!

I made this drink last weekend first with my hubby, Mr. Walters, before subjecting the Zesties to it. After sending S & C a picture post work-from-home-day it was requested to be featured and now we have decided to claim it as an original, it’s probably not so ssshhhhhhh.

Ah so many fabulous puns we’re exclaimed through the making of this drink as we tried to find a name suited for this creamy deliciousness. The top candidates for a proper name¬†were the strung out sailor, the foaming pirate, the buzzed mate, and the minty mate, but ultimately the frothy shipwreck won! We sailed away into the afternoon as we lounged in the sun…oops…I mean as we continued sanding down some 2×4’s :). Pirate themed or not these cocktails are suited for a jolly good time! Check out the recipe below!



1 bottle of ginger beer

1 pint of quality ice cream (I recommend using vanilla, coffee or mint to highlight the existing flavors)

4 tbls of vanilla extract

16oz of Coffee (Iced is ideal)

Mint and coffee beans for garnish


Start by gathering all of your ingredients, including snazzy glasses and begin scooping! Also, for a lactose free alternative I recommend using Luna & Larry’s Coconut Milk Ice Cream!


Then add in the ginger beer, oooooh so frothy…


Next add in a tablespoon of vanilla extract into each drink.


Then add in your rum to achieved desired jolly-ness.


Next pour in your coffee we used hot coffee for this recipe, but I would recommend using iced coffee. Add approximately 4 oz into each glass.


Finally add your garnish, cute straws and you’re set!


PS: We are all off at Knot Crashers today!!! Can’t wait to update you all with pictures next week!

Cheers Matey’s!


Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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