The Easiest Flag Garland

Hey Zesters,

Happy Weekend! So one of my biggest projects this summer is helping out my lovely friend Chelsea create decor for her wedding. I am sure other posts will be related to her wedding in the future fyi haha. Anyways, we wanted to make the adorable flag garland for her wedding. Her colors are corals, blues, and peaches. Instead of doing the solid color flags we choose to use different varying patterns. We hit another obstacle when planning to create these flags, in that neither of us had sewing machines ..nor had 8 hours to hand sew the flags. The thought of “The Mighty Hot Glue Gun” struck me like a superhero in a spotlight. We had our answer and began to create.



  • Regular and Decorative Scissors, we used the Wilton Brand 1/4″ Zigzag pattern.
  • 12 feet of fabric, we used three feet of each of the four patterns.
  • Card Stock to make your design pattern
  • a Pencil
  • One Spool of Twine
  • a Sharpie
  • a Ruler
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • a glass of iced tea and a smile 🙂

So we began by creating our pattern out of the card stock, we marked two inches from the edge down and then marked it 6 inches horizontally across the edge, and marked another two inches down. From these two points we then drew two diagonal lines to meet at a point in the middle. We cut this out with regular scissors to make our pattern. Once we had our pattern we began to trace it on the fabric with pencil. We made four flags out of each pattern. Once all of the patterns were traced we used the decorative scissors to cut the patterns out. Now that we had all of the patterns cut out we laid all of the patterns out in the desired order. We then got out the twine. We designated two feet of twine for each end and then measured two inches between each flag marking the twine with a sharpie.



Lay the twine on the flag in the middle of the marked sharpie dots, place the twine in the middle of the top two inches of the fabric.


Glue along the twine as much as possible without hitting the fabric. Do one half first.


Carefully fold the fabric down pressing the glue into the fabric. Make sure that the fabric lines up with itself on the edge, as shown above.


Repeat the gluing and folding process with the other side.




Repeat the process with the others.


A closer look at the first two patterns.


A closer look at the second two patterns.


Our finished product! This will be used to decorate her dessert table but for now it serves as decor.

Well I am off to go work a Zesty Wedding! Enjoy the beautiful weekend!



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