The Contest Stool with a New Nautical Identity

Hi y’all, we finally have an update on our contest stools!!  Thanks again to Lauren Young, for her beautiful design concept! Watch the transformation…

You remember these beauties?  Like I said before, I’m not sure I would have grabbed these myself…but I had them delivered anonymously to my driveway one early morning before I started to hustle kids out to the car for school.  Whether I wanted them or not, they needed Zest…and we loved Lauren’s nautical idea for them.  So, we started sanding!

And spray painting them a glossy navy.Looking good, right? But that was the easy part…now time to deal with those ugly cushions.

Enter my nifty steam cleaner…possibly my favorite tool in my house!  Life gets crazy messy with three kids and a border collie 🙂

Now that she was clean (as clean as she was gonna get), it was time for the new fabric.  This is totally a Zest it Up move…Sam and I found canvas bags at the GoodWill Out let…probably paid a quarter.  With a quick run through the washing machine and a date with a pair of scissors….we had canvas yardage!!! Wahoo!I quickly flipped over my seat and measured out how much I would need…and I had the perfect amount!  Yay!Time for the staple gun…important note, when you choose to tackle that upholstery job that has been staring you in the face for too long, just make sure that you have the right length of staples.  If they are too long, someone is gonna get jabbed in the behind 🙂Another favorite Zest moment….this netting, which looks like it was made to order for the design, was a last year garage sale purchase for a Halloween party at Sam’s house.  We loooove recycling!In order to keep things tidy and cut down on frustration, I did a sparing staple job with just the canvas and then went back and added more staples with the netting overlay.  This kept the canvas and netting from working against each other for a smooth finish.  No pulling, bunching, etc.  Just a beautiful job!The two corners that butted up against the backrest supports were a bit tricky with an angular edge.  Since my canvas was super sturdy and I wasn’t worried about it tearing, I just gave it a slit and continued to staple away…it worked great!The angular edges would be completely hidden by the backrest supports, but the front corners needed to look super clean and presentable.  So, I gave them a nice mitered fold and stapled it put.The seat turned out so smooth and pretty 🙂And when all assembled, the stool turned out so stunning!Lauren, I hope we did you proud!!  These stools are gorgeous and will be off to a store soon.  Thanks for the beautiful design!


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  1. AH! I am thrilled to see these! I LOVE THEM! I would totally buy them if I lived closer, what a great job you did 🙂 Evan and I are big nautical fans. Thank you so much!

    1. Hahaha, thanks! They were fun (and serendipitous) to make! Thank you so much for the vision, they look so unique and sleek…I love them. I think there will be a lot of interest in them…guess you are going to have to call yourself a designer now 🙂 ~Chanda

    1. Tee-hee, thanks for the props. I couldn’t believe how serendipitous these were to make…I have never walked into a GoodWill Outlet with a specific wishlist and walked out with EXACTLY what I needed. I can hardly believe that I reupholstered these beauties with cents!

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