The Camp in Costa Mesa

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Have you ever visited a place that felt like your own personal Emerald City?   The Camp in Costa Mesa will have you clicking your heels as soon as you park…but not to return to boring ol’ Kansas!  This is a shopping experience that places the emphasis on experience.  The minute you jump out of your car, you are beckoned to slow your pace and come at things with a new perspective.  Dash all that hustle and bustle!  And get ready to embrace some playfulness.


The Camp is part of a growing trend in using art to reinvent common experiences.  Why have a simple “pull up and park” strip mall that creates an eye sore (though practical) in the community?  Why go that predictable route when a little creativity can turn a mercenary space into what feels like a playground.  It is amazing how a little whimsy and humor can turn what is essentially a suburban strip mall into something special.  Check it out!


While the stores and eateries at The Camp are creative and cool spaces on their own, Sam and I fell in love with the communal spaces with hand-knitted chair covers and ponds.  This is a place that easily coaxes shoppers to stay awhile.  Spend your afternoon here: eating, grabbing coffee, shopping and hanging.


There are so many shops and restaurants to share, but we narrowed it down a bit.

Check out Seed: People’s Market


Before you even notice the merchandise, your eye is dazzled with unique displays and a book-stacked check-out counter that had us drooling.  This is serious, folks.  There might have been actual drool….



Befitting their name, Seed had us “ooooing” and “ahhhhing” with all the nature inspired products that were just challenging our inner gardenista.


And, our inner crafter.


What really took our breath away was discovering the beautiful heart behind Seed: People’s Market

Gotta love a company that gives back!!


It was so cool seeing so many beautiful products that were produced by other companies with a similar mission…making the world a better place.


And I was kinda dying over all their adorable children’s clothes and toys.  These booties almost hypnotized me into wanting another baby…..allllmmmmost.  Echem.  Nahhhh, I’m good.  My sissy is about to make me an auntie.  I think that is baby enough for me right now. 🙂


Next stop was Vitaly Cafe for some glorious coffee.  Can you say affogato?  Hey, come on.  It was time to caffinate and Vitaly has the bomb gelato.  Why would I not mix gelato with my coffee?  Our trip to Costa Mesa was a vacation.  Vacation is almost always synonymous with calories in my world.


Ummm, Mona Lisa!  Hey girl, you got some gelato on your nose!


One last stop was Organic Designs by Aggelige.  Why not follow up on Trendy Tuesday with another trend?  We adore air plants and succulents, and this adorable little Airstream had them in spades!


These beautiful designs had Sam and I dreaming and scheming for sure.


So many beautiful pops of color surrounded by our favorite vegetation.


And that is a wrap!

You can see so many more shops and restaurants by visiting The Camp here.  However, this little gem of an experience deserves some first-hand exploring.  Just lovely!  If you find yourself in Costa Mesa, make it a stop.  Trust me, it will not fail to impress.  On a day filled with blue skies, you may not want to leave this little playground.



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