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Here at Zest, we love food trends and seeing what creativity is born out of new flavor obsessions.  Kombucha is one of those trends that we have been keen on for some time.  It is the reason that we have been so interested and supportive of what Whalebird Kombucha has been brewing up here locally.  We are kind of addicted to the stuff, so naturally we like dreaming up new ways of enjoying this local treasure.  Since Kombucha Cocktails are probably the trendiest concept we could imagine, we figured that it would be a perfect Trendy Tuesday post!

Honestly, our last Kombucha cocktail, the Kumquat & Lemon Verbena Zinger, was such a hit that we decided to keep on playing!  The flavors of the Zinger were so fresh and unique, highlighting the complex flavors of Whalebird’s kombucha, that we wanted to keep going in that direction.  So, today we are continuing our inspiration in the garden for another Kombucha cocktail, this time bringing on the summer warmth with a bit of rum.  Yum!rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0000

The Bubbly Blonde

6 fresh guavas

2 tbls sugar

1 tsp dried lavender (double if using fresh)

2 shots of dark rum

top off with Whalebird Kombucha

rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0001Add the sugar and fresh guavas together so that the fruit will muddle easily.rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0002Before you begin the muddle, add in a teaspoon of dried lavender.rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0003Time to muddle and smoosh!rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0004rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0005The mixture will be pretty pasty due to the fiber of the fruit, but don’t worry.  Just scrape all the contents (seeds included) into a cocktail strainer.rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0006rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0007Add in two shots of dark rum (and a shot of kombucha…due to the thickness of the fruit paste) and give her a good shake-up!rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0008Strain the yummies into three pretty glasses.rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0009I like to use an extra strainer for this drink, to catch the seeds and lavender buds.rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0010Last step is to top off the glasses with some more Whalebird Kombucha.
rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0011rum whalebird kombucha cocktail_0012Bubbly, blonde, and ready for summer.  I feel like this may be the perfect California cocktail…I mean who else but a Californian would dream up pairing Kombucha and rum??  I feel a Beach Boys or a Katy Perry song coming on!!


A California Girl


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