Thanksgiving Table Napkin Rings

Are you ready for thanksgiving? Probably heading to the grocery store today or tomorrow to fight over the last can of cranberries or maybe you have started gathering head counts and recipes? We would love to hear about your thanksgiving plan or special traditions or recipes!! Today we are gonna focus on presentation- let’s face it we eat with our eyes but we might as well start with a cute table right?

First to start off, here I am back to my acorns….lets get crafting!

Snagged these napkin holders at the goodwill, 6 of them for a buck! score! Now lets Zest away!!!

First I primed these bad boys, then did “antique” gloss spray paint from good old miners.  I only painted three, with the other three….

I modge podged old book pages, simply tear page into strips and coat both sides with glue and smooth onto ring

Cut out flowers with burlap or any fabric you choose, felt would be cute too!

Hot glue acorn to center of flower and then hot glue flower to napkin ring…

So cute and simple!!

here are some other table setting inspirations that I stumbled across online to help inspire your thanksgiving table setting….

Hope that helps inspire- cant wait to see what you come up with!

Happy ALMOST turkey day….



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