Thai Boat in San Luis Obispo


What to do when you are running around town and you feel your energy running on empty?

Well, if town happens to be San Luis Obispo, you have got to pop into Thai Boat!!  Sam and I adore how fresh their take is on Thai cuisine.


Starting with a bit of a treat, we can never resist a tall glass of Thai iced tea.  Such a refreshing way to revive us after a long morning and afternoon checking off our “to do” list.


Sam attacked her grumbly tummy issue with some shrimp Pad Thai…a steaming plate of  pan fried small rice noodles with shrimp, egg, bean sprouts and ground peanut.


Obviously, that was my first choice as well…but since we wanted something more to show y’all than two huge piles of pad thai (that we admittedly could scarf down in 5 minutes), I decided to order something a little different.

How about some Garlic noodles with flat rice noodles and beef.  YES PLEASE!


The best part?  A cheers with strawberry popsicles!  Talk about an awesome complimentary finish to a gorgeous meal.  Nom nom!


Two VERY happy girls!  Thanks for the refuel, Thai Boat!!



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