Tell a Tale Story Rocks for the Campfire

Minion Mondays

You guys!  We are on the countdown to Summer!  I am so ready for campouts, campfires, and some lazy days.  I am feeling the urge to create some memories for sure!

I hope you have some plans up your sleeve for some fun times over the next couple of months.  What is your go-to?  Lakeside, beachside, or just working the whole resort vibe.  Whatever your fav memory-making summer funtime happens to be, this little project can make it so much sweeter if you have little ones.  Besides, what pairs as well as summertime and creativity?  This is a pass the bag, take out a couple of rocks, and weave a tale kind of magic.
rock story in a bag_0000

Tell A Tale Story Stones

river rocks


acrylic paint


clear coat

canvas bag (of sorts)
rock story in a bag_0001Start with whatever will be your carry-all.  I happened to have this little canvas tote handy, but so many different ideas would work here.  It just needs to be big enough to carry a few rocks.rock story in a bag_0002After sketching my title out in pencil, I put some wax paper inside my bag to prevent any of the paint bleeding through as I worked.rock story in a bag_0003rock story in a bag_0004Have fun with font ideas here.  You could even print something out on the computer and use it as template.  Anything goes!
rock story in a bag_0005Next step, think of some images that will be great story prompts.  I chose a varied selection of images to paint on my rocks, so that my boys and girl would be happy to create stories.  Basically, you want to have a grab bag of fun story starters.  I sketched and painted a sailboat, a snake, a mermaid, a crown, a rain cloud, a campfire, some daisies, and a teepee.  There are so many great story prompts to dream up.  How abut a bridge, a fish, a ninja mask….whatever!rock story in a bag_0006I am so ready to be sitting around the campfire, taking turns and pulling out three of these rocks at a time.  Creating stories myself may only be upstaged by the fun of listening to my kiddos dream up their own concoctions.  Summertime memories….check!



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