Sweetie Cup, Downtown SLO


For some reason my stomach has never agreed with the acidity of coffee- but no fear, my dear hubby makes up for my lack of coffee with his serious addiction. I manage to get my caffeine through tea. As with coffee, I love that one can sip it hot or cold and have some fun with flavor flave. You can do all this and more at the adorable- Sweetie Cup  in Downtown SLO. Whether you are craving something sweet or wanting a frothy slushy with boba pearls or even an authentic tea set to take home, Sweetie Cup is a great little treasure. Plus they have some great ambiance for putzing on your computer or doing some people watching while downtown. Check it out…

Sweet tea cup SLO_0000

Sweet tea cup SLO_0001We are in loveeee with their perfect rustic furniture!!! Sweet tea cup SLO_0002Sweet tea cup SLO_0003Sweet tea cup SLO_0004

Sweet tea cup SLO_0005Chanda sipped on a green tea with lychee and boba pearls- yum!

Sweet tea cup SLO_0006While Anya was loving her tea and boba as well!!

Sweet tea cup SLO_0007And then I got all warm and cozy with a toasted coconut with sea salt and cream tea- oh my it was heavenly!!

Sweet tea cup SLO_0008

Definitely pop into Sweetie cup for your pick me up soon!



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